jk's time 5/14 00:00 , now i am in Praha!! the weather is so good.i must be a black one back to TWN , woo~~.
first day in Germany, i lose my camera on the bus no. 46, after three days i found it back.the Germany is so nice and kind.i really like this country.
put my eyes to see , every where full of handson guys.oh~ god!! my eyes never been so comfortable.....hahaha(smile).
in my travel, i met many people to help us(they are all handson guys), and know many new friends ...mel, joy, chu way, andy...and other people i am not so fast to remember who they are.
in headerberg,is my happiest day.there are so many happy memory leave there.although the weather is bad, we cold to death.there ,i drink 1000cc songing, eat pork feet big mouse(ha) .play games with friends,found my camera... i really thank who help me so much....
first day in Praha , someone help me to buy a ticket (free,about 40 kc),take me to where i want go,and dispear in the end of the road,he is really a nice guy,my heart is moving deeply....
all my sweet friends, i miss you so much,your jacket,clothes, something for face ,bag...really help me a lot ,thank you very much and i love you.
see you
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